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Student offer

Here at Solidhair we also offer student treatments at a reduced price. Our students are very skilled and everyone is working positively and forwards. Treatments may in some cases take a little longer than of the skilled hairdresser. As a customer of ours, you can always feel safe and secure while sitting in the customer's seat. We always go through before the student starts his work and afterwards to check.
In case of online bookings, we can not guarantee that the student can give you desired result. It may be too advanced for the student, so we recommend that you come in personally or call us before for advice if it’s beyond the common colouring or foil dyeing.
Be aware that the work is done by a student who is training and not by a qualified hairdresser and therefore you might not get the result equivalent to the educated hairdresser.


Wash and dry / styling are always included in our prices for hair treatments! Treatments with 
“from-prices” can be supplemented with, for example, 50-500 kr extra material ( thick / long hair, multiple coloursetc.)
For more advanced treatments, where our qualified hairdressers need to help extra, an additional fee of 100-500kr may apply.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Cut 150 fr. 250-290 fr. 350-390 
Putsning(small trimm) fr. 50-100 fr. 100-200 150-300
Kids under 11 years fr. 50-200 fr. 50-200 fr. 100-300
Dry, styling fr. 100 fr. 150 fr. 250
Permanent incl. cut fr. 550 fr. 650 fr. 900
Permanent fr. 400 fr. 500 fr. 700
Color / cap incl. cut, creative colour + cut fr. 500 fr. 650 fr. 750 / 950
Color / cap fr. 350 fr. 450 fr. 550
Toning incl. cut fr. 400 fr. 500 fr. 770
Toning fr. 250 fr. 300 fr. 570
Foil incl. cut fr. 550 fr. 700 fr. 1050
Foil fr. 500 fr. 650 fr. 750
Foil ca 50% fr. 200  fr. 300  fr. 690
Eyebrow tweeze 50 80 100
Eyebrow tint 50 80 100 
Eyelash tint 50 80 100
Set from 250kr / h depending on the year
Make up fr.150kr depending on the year