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Eyelash extensions

Do you want naturally fuller and longer eyelashes?
The methods we work with are the best and safest on the market. We offer two methods depending on what kind of result you are looking for. They do not struggle with your own lashes and give a natural result. The methods are as follows:

Single methods

This method is perfect for you if you usually have your own lashes and you want a natural result with extra length and volume. Each extension eyelash is put on one of your own eyelash, attached with a black surgical glue, giving the lash a mascara effect and therefore you do not have to use mascara. When you naturally lose one of your own lashes, the glued eyelash on top also falls off, without affecting your other eyelashes. When all the eyelashes are attached we go through and look so that everyone of them is separated. Nothing is attached to the skin!

Volume eyelashes with the 3D method

This is the method you should choose if you want an even fuller eyelashes or if you don’t have in general much eyelashes by yourself. With this method you attach 3 eyelashes to one of your own eyelash. This will give you even better results. We usually recommend this way when you don’t have mucheyelashes by yourself because this fills your own eyelashes in a different way than single method does. When one of your own eyelashes falls off, the glued lashes also fall off without affecting your other eyelashes. When all eyelashes are attached, we go through again and look so that everyone of them is separated. Also with this method we just put surgical black glue on your own eyelashes. Nothing is attached to the skin!

You have the opportunity to shape your eye according to your wishes, as there are both different lengths, thicknesses and curves of the eyelash extension that are put on. Talk to your lash stylist and you will decide for whatever suits you.

We have exhaust ventilation in all the salons where we do eyelash extensions, both good for you and our health.

The treatment takes the first time about 2 hours for singles method and about 2 hours and 45 minutes for volume eyelashes. For the majority, it is experienced as very relaxing and many customers sleep well! Usually you fill in your eyelashes and make a visit approximately every three weeks. Our lash stylists have special certificates and regularly do health checks.


You shouldn’t usually react allergic but it may happen. If you experience an allergic reaction, contact a doctor. Signs of allergy are severe irritation, swelling of the upper eyelids and light redness. We can not know in advance if you can become allergic or not therefore it is good that you try out an filling called between first, for safety know.

Eyelash extension before weddings and other events

We always recommend that you make a new set a few weeks before the event and then to make a refill the week when the event is. This is to ensure that no allergy occurs and that you feel comfortable wearing them.

Prices eyelash extension

MAXI (new set) 1400:- (120 min)
MINI (2-3 weeks) fr 850:- (60 min)
BETWEEN (4-5 weeks) fr 1100:- (90 min)
Then MAXI (new set again)
MAXI (new set) 2350:- (165 min)
MINI (3 weeks) fr 900 :- (60 min)
BETWEEN (4-5 weeks) fr 1290 kr:- (90 min)
Then MAXI (new set again

To consider before making aneyelash extension

Come without make-up on the eyes. The eyes should be completely free from old makeup residues. If you usually wash the make-up with oils, avoid that the night before.

Important information to keep in mind for your new eyelash extension

The glue will need at least 24 hours to cure after the treatment. In order for the eyelashes to stay the best, it is important to avoid the following things the first 24 hours:

  • Do not shower or soak the eyelashes
  • Do not expose the lashes to the heat, such as ex sauna and steam
  • Avoid any chemical strain such as eye makeup, eye remover and dye
  • Avoid sleeping on stomach as it may affect the result
  • Of course, you should avoid rubbing your eyes

After the first 24 hours

  • Avoid mascara that contains propylene glycol, as this may affect the durability. (Also applies to putting mascara on the lower lashes )
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • When cleaning your lashes, do not pull them aside, but clean them so you gently pull the top in the direction of the eyelashes
  • It is recommended to use our oil-free makeup remover that eliminates all bacteria and dirt from the eyelashes. If a remover is used that contains oils, the durability of the eyelashes will deteriorate.

If you do not clean the eyelashes, you can be affected by demodex. Demodex is an eyelash mite who lives among the eyelashes and can cause irritation, slight swelling and a sticky substance. To prevent spread of eggs and larvae, always clean eyelashes once a day.

Picture of demodex:

In case of demodex

Loss of eyelashes gradually. Some lose faster and others more slowly. This depends on your own growth cycle of eyelashes. We put lashes on all mature eyelashes. From there you can lose some lashes already the first week because some lashes are in the middle of the growth cycle and some at the end when we attach them. We therefore have a refill after MINI (2-3 weeks) or BETWEEN (4-5 weeks), when those weeks have passed, most have fallen off, and then a new set is required.

Your own eyelashes can be affected by the same factors as your regular hair. Stress, various diseases, as well as certain medicines and antibiotics can cause lash / hair loss more than usually.

Our eyelash stylists at Solid Hair are specialists and have received the certificate of service, which is a requirement from the Arbets- och Miljöverket.