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Hair extensions

Are you interested in hair extensions?

There are different types of hair extensions.

Solid hair is one of the first salons in Sweden that started with hair extensions with tape technique. Easy to put in, easy to remove, without damaging the hair. We also do extensions with keratin wax Keune Bounce. Simply Natural hair with keratin hair clips is one of the best hairs in the market. It is also idealfor thin Scandinavian hair, as the clips are about 0.5 cm thick or less, which means that they are not visible. The hair is capable of bathing in both salt and chlorine water. (We also do hair extensions with So.Cap hair, which is also 100% real hair)

You are welcome to book a free consultation with us where you get information about how to treat your hair, as well as whether it is appropriate for your hair to have extensions, prices and what products you should use. The hair is available in several different colours and is also available in curly. The wishes for hair are different, prices may vary slightly depending on whether you want to lengthen your hair or make it only thicker. Costsfor colouring or brightening your own hair arealready included. Tina is Simply Naturals Sverigetekniker, which means she is training other hairdressers in Simply Natural.

We offer several different types of hair in different price ranges.

We offer several different types of hair in different price ranges.
The price depends on the choice of the brand and if you want to lengthen or thicken your hair. We at the salon have a lot of experience for different extension techniques and are happy to help you to find the right hair that suits you.

You also have the option of loaning.
Fill out your application at medicalfinance.nu/ansok-nu

Prices Hair extensions
Full length  / thickening including cutting (keratin extensions) fr. 3550-8500 kr
Half length / thickening including cutting (keratin extensions) fr. 2500 kr
Full length / thickening including cutting (tape extensions) fr. 2995 kr
Different colour effects in hair extensions loops. fr. 450 kr
Turnover full (tape) fr. 1050 kr
Turnover half (tape) fr. 850 kr
Off / on (keratin extensions) 800kr/h
Hair clip ons 550-1850 kr

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