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Mago Hair


The latest technology for doing hair extensions is here.
It took eight years for MAGO to develop, five years to produce the product and three years of testing on 100 models. 
Today, MAGO is the most eco-friendly, natural and hair-friendly extension method. The loose hair is fastened to a knot of cotton thread. 
The hair moves naturally and freely, making you barely feel them.

For those of you who are careful about their hair, this is definitely the best for you. You don’t have to think that it could hurt your hair, neither when you have them in or when you take them out. You may want to put new hair the same day. You should not use any heat and no chemicals that are unhealthy for you, the hairdresser and our environment. The hair is certified with GSP, which means it benefits the country of origin's economy. They get paid for the hair.

Tina who works as an extension specialist at KEUNE had to go to Finland to learn the MAGO method. Today, she educates hairdressers around the country in MAGO hairextensions. Keep in mind that every hair is different and it is difficult to assess the number of packages and price on the phone.

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