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Trichology / Scalp problems

Hair salon with trichology skills.

We have been working with trichology treatments since 2008.

The most common scalp problems that can occur are

- Hair loss/temporary hair loss 
- Incomplete hair loss 
- Dandruff problems-oily scalp 
- Dandruff problems-dry scalp 
- Psoriasis 
- Alopecia 
- Itching 

Trichologists are not physicians but specialists on the scalp. (We always recommend contacting a doctor first.) With the help of these products and treatments, we have seen enormous progress regarding our clients' hair. What is important is that all scalp problems that occur are not temporary. But there are some that are hereditary.

We always ask the client to visit us for a scalp analysis before we process a treatment. It is important to come with unwashed hair for the analysis so we can really see how the scalp behaves naturally. If your hair is freshly washed, you may scratch it, so it is neglected and they usually return after one day.

In the analysis, we investigate the scalp with a microscope that enlarges it 200 times. With this camera we can see the hair / scalp's condition and if there is activity in the hair follicles. In activity, we can add proteins and minerals to our treatment method.

All trichology products are natural and allergy tested on humans. They are not tested on animals.


To be able to diagnose correctly, we use a microscope that magnifies the hair and scalp 200 times. Through a monitor we can see the scalp structure if it is oily or dry. The pictures help to diagnose and provide prescriptions for a suitable treatment. With 25 years of experience, approximately 240 different varieties of scalp problems have been found. Careful analysis with the micro camera provides the best basis for personal diagnoses and treatments. All products in the form of essences, oils, vitamins and minerals are made of pure natural raw materials. The preparations in combination mean that the two processes reinforce each other - a so-called positive synergy effect, which is the starting point for its good results.

We make regular checks, follow changes and adjust treatments after every slight improvement to achieve the best result.

How many treatments?

Depends on the problem and people's individual condition. About three up to ten treatments and a home treatment can restore the hair follicles ability to open and absorb nutrition to process growth. During the treatment period, a process is initiated with increased blood circulation in the scalp and the oxygen intake of the hair follicles. The development is followed by the micro camera. Continued treatment may take from one month to 1 year depending on the difficulty and severity.

How long is the treatment time per session?

The entire treatment consists of three steps and takes 1 hour and one quarter. The treatment itself takes about 40 minutes. Until then we do a first step with cleaning and massage, about 10-15 minutes, as well as hair washing and finishing in about 20 minutes.

What do you feel during treatment?

The treatment has no proven long-term side effects. When all ingredients are applied, it usually feels cooling.

When can you notice the improvement?

The results are highly individual and depend on which diseases and symptoms you suffer from. Lifestyle, work conditions and daily stress levels are also crucial. In case of more severe illness or bad condition of the scalp with eczema or dandruff it takes a little longer. Sometimes if you look through the micro camera only to the scalp becomes healthy before you can see new hair. It is important to do the treatment that you do at home properly.

Follow-up treatment

We aim to check all clients (who have completed 6-10 sessions) after the end of the treatment. Therefore, we would like to have the client for a re-visit after six to eight months to check the post effects. This check is free for eligible customers, otherwise SEK 350.

What does the treatment cost?

Analysis of the scalp costs 350 kr.

A treatment costs 750 SEK and takes about 60-90 minutes.

Therefore we lose our hair

Hair loss is a major public health problem today.

Problems with hair loss and other scalp disorders often have a connection with the hair follicles blocked and can not absorb the nutrition they need.

Hair loss can also have hormonal causes, such as a thyroid gland disorder. Even stress can cause hair to fall off. Incomplete hair loss is a disease that affects more and more young people both women and men and is because the body's immune system is overactive.

Medical reasons: Many scarring diseases and metabolic diseases in the thyroid gland can cause hair loss.

Nutritional deficiency such as zinc deficiency and iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Problems with hair loss or thin hair during nutritional deficiency often have a connection with the bad condition of the scalp. The hair follicles are blocked and can not absorb the nutrition they need.

After pregnancy, most women lose more hair than usually. Often, it is possible to stop hair loss only after a few treatments.

Alopecia areata, also known aspatchy hair loss, affects both men and women. It may also be due to stress, allergy or if you or the family have other diseases where the immune system is functioning incorrectly, for example in case of rheumatic diseases.

Many of the clients get their hair back within six months. But keep in mind that the results are individual.

Male hair loss is hereditary and very common. The reason is hormone changes. Male hair loss can also affect women after the menopause. Many clients who get individualized treatment can get their hair back in much better conditions and much more volume. Many temporary scalp problems can be solved with our treatments.

Most people get the help

Experience shows that the majorities of customers who get recommended treatment achieve great results and experience a good and long-term effect of the trichology method. Many get very good results, others achieve noticeable improvements. Always first contact a doctor, if you are not sure. We refer to contact the healthcare in case if we can not help you.

The results are individual and we will do our best to complete the treatment at the salon with the best possible results. We will not leave any hope if we do not think there is any help for your problem.

We can also customize treatments for customers with high hair loss who can not come to the salon.