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Our products

We use Keune products.

Keune Design


Keune's exclusive design series contains products for all sorts of styling, as well as shampoo and conditioner for different hair types.



Care Line Shampoo, conditioner & package we spend a lot of it on our customers and you also have the opportunity to use these extra care products at home. Popular Vital Nutrition is great during the cold season and when the air is dry, because this is what damages your hair.

1922 By J.M.Keune / Semi colour

J.M product series designed for men! We also have easy colour for men who are grey-haired and want to suppress it without looking coloured. Holds about 20-30 washes. Book a time so you cut and colour it at the same time for best result. It has become a very popular treatment for our male customers, so don’t hesitate to ask for semi colour for men next time you're here.

So Pure Natural Colors


Now we can complement our regular hair colour series with a completely natural and ecological series of colours from So Pure. Ammonia and parabenfree! The color is mild, contains organic extracts of jasmine and sandalwood, and is enriched with phytokeratin and argan oil. Experience a whole new and refreshing colour treatment - try a color with So Pure Color!

So Pure Natural Balance

Now we can proudly say that we have the entire series of So Pure's fantastic and irresistible hair care series. So Pure is an organic series with all the products your hair may need and nourishes both the hair and the scalp.

  • Only plant extracts and essential oils have been used as natural ingredients.
  • No perfumes, colours or animal-related materials.
  • All aromas come from 100% natural essential oils.
  • All shampoos are sulphate free.
  • All products are paraben free.
  • All products contain certified organic Argan oil - that's what they call it Moroccan Oil.

So Pure Moroccan Oil

So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is absorbed directly by the hair and makes the hair even and glossy with a healthy and soft feeling. Itresuscitates, balances and nourishes damaged hair. It softens hard-to-use hair, protects hair from UV radiation and heat treatment. Eliminates frizz and conditiones the hair, perfect even for hair extension.