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Bodysugaring - Waxing

We offer waxing with sugar wax - a gentle, smoother and more hygienic method.

Bodysugaring differs from regular waxing in many ways, including:

Removal of the wax in the direction of hair growth, instead of the opposite direction. This helps not to break the hairline, and thuskeep the skin hairless longer. The risk of inwardly growing hairs is also significantly smaller because of this.
The sugar wax does not stick to your skin and therefore your skin is not as exposed (sore / red / spotted). Therefore, the wax is suitable for people with sensitive skin and it can be used in all sensitive areas of the body, such as bikini area.
With the sugar wax you can wax off shorter hair. Minimum length approx. 3mm.
All you need is a glove and a little wax. Forget thestrips that make it less hygienic.
The sugar wax is organic and is a 100% natural product. It consists only of sugar, water and lemon and contains no allergenic substances. Our precursors are also organic. Another advantage is that the sugar wax is completely water-soluble, so it is easy to remove any small wax leftovers.


Arms fr 650:-
Half leg fr 650:-
Chest or stomach fr  550:-
Full leg fr  850:-
Upper lip or chin fr  200:-
Bikini line fr  350:-
Half leg + bikini fr  750:- (+Brazilian: 1100:-)
Armpits fr  250:-
Full leg + bikini fr  950:- (+Brazilian: 1450:-)
Back fr  650:-
Brazilian fr 550:- (revisit within 4w, 500:-)

All of your hair is in different phases of growth. That's why you can experience that the hair grows back a little patchy.
If you continue waxing your desired areas, you will see that the hair becomes smoother and thinner and it takes longer to grow before they grow back.
For regular visits, you will receive a discount, such as a return visit for Brazilian wax within 4 weeks 500: -.

To consider before waxing

The hairshould be at least 3 mm long, but for a faster and smoother waxing, it is better if they are approx. 5 mm, avoiding the need to wax at the same spot several times.
The hair should not be too long, preferably not more than one centimeter. This is especially important for Brazilian waxing. If the hair is too long, it is more painful and it takes longer to do it.
The skin to be waxed should be clean. Lubricate the skin with moisturizing cream couple days before, but not the same day as the appointment.
Avoid waxing yourself, tanning your skin or irritating it in any other way. The skin may also be extra sensitive during this kind of period.

To consider after waxing

When the hair is removed, the hair follicles are open and therefore avoid the shower in the next few hours, especially with perfumed soap that can irritate. Allow the area to calm down. Therefore, avoid sunbathing for a couple of days and do not forget to use sun protection when you sunbathe.