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Price list


Cancellations have to be made not later than 36 hours before booked appointment (48 hours for colour). Delayed / non-cancelled time is charged with the time of your treatment.
NOTE! We do not accept cancellations by mail!
The salon is a member of Frisörföretagarna.

Student offer

Prices for students can be found under Eleverbjudande.
Prices for makeup and other treatments can be found under each page.
Be aware that the work is made by a student who is training and not by a qualified hairdresser and therefore you don’t have the opportunity to get the results equivalent to the certified hairdresser.

In case of cancellation

In case of cancellation from our side due to illness, school etc. of the student, we can not replace your booked appointmentwitha regular hairdresser to the student price. You are offered, if possible, another appointment with the student.


After our students graduate they become apprentices.
Teaching time is that you have to work 3000 hours at the competent salon before you can make a living.
During the apprenticeship period there are different levels and therefore slightly different prices for the treatments.
Keep in mind that there are off prices

Level 2 - cut 350 - 370 kr, for colour 25% off the regular price
Level 3 - cut 430 -470 kr,for colour 15% off the regular price

Our prices

Wash and dry + simple styling are always included in our prices for hair treatments!
Treatments marked with * may be supplemented with 100-500 kr for extra color, long or thick hair.


Hairdresser prices
Cut 490-750 kr
Kids cut, up to 11 years from 290 - 390 kr

Youth cut 12-14 years

from 490 kr

The children must have freshly washed the hair
Washing is not included in children's cutouts. We will charge you the time if we have to interrupt the treatment because the child does not want to be cut and on detection of lice. Please check your children's hair before your visit. It must have been 2 weeks after the last treatment before haircut.

The sooner you begin to dye your hair, the faster allergy can develop. We choose to follow the Swedish Medicines Agency's advice, we do not colour people under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 18, we require parents consent.

Colour scalp incl. cut & styling * fr 1370 kr
Colour scalp incl. styling * fr 990 kr
Creative colour incl. cut * fr 1780 kr
Creative color incl. styling * fr 1500 kr
Folie slinging (highlights) incl. cut & styling * fr 2270 kr
Folie slinging (highlights) incl. styling * fr 1990 kr
Semi colour incl. cut & styling * fr 1750 kr
Semi colour * fr 1450 kr
Permanent incl. cut * fr 1400 kr
Permanent * fr 1200 kr
Extensions fr 2400 kr - click HERE for more info
Weddings & parties
Bridal set 1150 kr/h
Book a ½ hour free consultation for a fixed price  
Bridal set test fr 750 kr/h
Hair set fr 950 kr/h
Bridal make up fr 950 kr/h
Bridal make up test fr 550 kr/h
Lighter make up for the day fr 695 kr/h
Heavier make up for the night fr 795 kr/h
Quickfix  fr 290 kr
Come with freshly washed hair and we will do a lighter styling. Does not apply for a whole/half hair set.
Wash / dry / styling fr 390 kr
Eye treatments  
Eyebrow tint  130 kr
Eyebrowtweeze 120 kr
Eyelash tint 130 kr
Package price eyelash and eyebrow tint+eyebrow shape 340 kr